The Texas Boys Choir

  • Freedom Song
    Kirby Shaw
  • This Then is Texas
    (from Giant), Foster, arr. J. White
  • America the Beautiful
    Carmen Dragon, arr.

    The Young Men's Ensemble
  • Shenandoah
    Kent A. Newbury, arr.
  • Climin' up the Mountain
    Wm. Henry Smith, arr.

    The Treble Choir
  • Wie will ich mich freuen
    (from Cantata 146), J. S. Bach
  • All Things Bright and Beautiful
    John Rutter

    The Full Choir
  • Adon Olam
    (Lord of the World), Ben Steinberg
  • Christus factus est
    Felice Anerio
  • Ave verum corpus
    William Byrd
  • Agnus Dei
    Thomas Morley
  • La, la, la, je ne l'ose dire
    Pierre Certon
  • Riqui, Riqui, Riquirrán
    Gregg Smith, arr.
  • Saints Bound for Heaven
    A. Parker/R. Shaw, arr.
  • Ride the Chariot
    Wm. Henry Smith, arr.
  • Old Chisolm Trail
    arr. Paul Peck
  • Ghost Riders
    arr. Buryl Red

Total Playing Time 43:30

With over a half century of professional touring, over thirty commercial recordings, two Grammy Awards, and many national television appearances, the choir Igor Stravinsky described as "the best boys choir in the world" knows how to entertain. They do it with highly varied programs including their trademark songs of the American west and patriotic songs. Traditionally a choir of trebles, the ensemble under Jerry M. Bierschenk now includes the changed voices of older students from The Texas Boys Choir School in Fort Worth, greatly expanding the scope of the choir's programming. In addition to frequent in-state performances, the choir makes an annual performance tour in various regions of the United States as well as occasional trips abroad.

La, la, la, je ne l'ose dire: A delightful French madrigal from the 16th century about a man and his wife. He takes her to the market where all of the townspeople are gossiping about him, for he is quite the fool (even his wife thinks so!). As the latest scandal is being passed around, they occasionally break off and mutter "la, la, la" for fear of being overheard by him.

Riqui, Riqui, Riquirrán: This is a lively popular song among the children of Venezuela. It is a "nonsense" song about two favorite types of confectionóalfèñique, a white sugar candy, and alfondoque, a sweet made of brown sugar.

Recording Engineer - Thom Caccetta
Producer - Raymond Albright
Cover Design - Leah Chestnut Fry
Recorded - Dallas Sound Lab Studios of
Las Colinas, Irving TX
Dedication - Dori Nichols and Julie Tew of Moulin D'Or Recordings for assistance
and support through the years
Texas Boys Choir School -