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Legal Information About Personal Injury 

Law commonly known as the personal injury law, provides for compensation for all victims of a "fortuitous and unforeseeable" accident, having caused bodily injury causing damage to the physical or mental integrity. The lawyers here are the bests for you now.

This right to compensation necessarily involves the involvement of a motor vehicle in motion or not during the accident, be it a car, a truck, a coach, a tractor, motorcycle, scooter, etc. On the other hand, trains and trams are not affected when they run on their own tracks. For the Legal information about personal injury you can have the best choice.

Vehicle Passengers, Pedestrians Or Cyclists Are Compensated, Unless The Victim Has:

  • Voluntarily caused his injuries suicide attempt or fraud
  • Committed an “inexcusable fault sole cause of the accident”, that is to say a violation of the rules of prudence exposing her to a danger of which she should have been aware. This inexcusable fault cannot, however, be accepted when the person is under the age of 16 or over 70, or has a permanent disability.

To be covered, the driver of the vehicle must have taken out the driver warranty. Optional, this guarantee is generally offered in the basic package of auto insurance. A lawyer for you will be useful in every way now.

Which Bodily Injuries Are Taken Into Account?

Property Damage Of Direct Victims Current And Future:

  • Health costs following the accident, and miscellaneous costs incurred such as accommodation or assistance costs by a third party;
  • Academic or university injury, professional and training injury, and loss of professional earnings.
  • Extra-property damage of direct victims (current and future):
  • Functional deficit, whether it is a temporary discomfort or a permanent attack on physical integrity and more generally all the disorders which can affect the quality of life;
  • Prejudice to pleasure making leisure previously practiced impossible, prejudice to establishment affecting family life, aesthetic or sexual prejudice;
  • Exceptional or atypical damage linked to the accident which cannot be compensated in any other way

Prejudices Of Indirect Victims:

  • In the event of survival of the direct victim, miscellaneous costs and loss of income as well as the moral prejudice of relatives in view of the suffering of the direct victim.

The Stages Of The Compensation Process

It is advisable to transmit a declaration at the latest within 5 working days to its insurer which specifies the date, place and circumstances of the incident as well as the names and contact details of any witnesses. To request compensation, the victim must also send an initial medical certificate to their insurer, as well as any supporting medical documents in their possession work stoppage, care order, etc. A law firm is the best choice for you now.

The insurer of the vehicle involved will contact the victim to inform them of their rights, in particular the possibility of obtaining a copy of the report if there is one and of being assisted by a doctor or a lawyer. Go for the law firms for you now. To this letter is attached a questionnaire used in particular to obtain:

  • His civil status
  • His coordinates
  • His professional activity
  • The list of bodily injuries suffered
  • Fiscally dependent persons
  • Organizations paying benefits (social security, mutual insurance, etc.)
  • The victim has 6 weeks to respond.
  • The assessment of bodily injury may be subject to a medical examination which differs according to its severity
  • An opinion on medical documents (initial medical certificate, work stoppage or care order) by a doctor appointed by the insurer when the damage is slight;

A complete medical assessment by a doctor specializing in the repair of bodily injuries, when these are more substantial. The victim may be assisted by the doctor of his choice during the examination. An attorney is the best choice for you now.

The Insurer's Compensation Offer

The insurer sends an offer of compensation to the victim or his heirs in the event of death, which covers all personal injury claims. This can be reduced depending on the responsibility of the victim in the accident and the deduction of the sums already paid by third-party payers. The attorneys will help you in every way now. A personal consultation can be useful here.

The compensation offer must be proposed by the insurer at the latest within 8 months of the accident or within 3 months of the victim's claim for compensation. Depending on the situation, the most favorable deadline should apply. However, it can be extended if the victim refuses to take the medical examination, or if the insurer was not notified the month following the accident. Taking the Legal help is the best choice here.

If the offer is accepted, the victim receives his payment within 45 days. In case of refusal of the offer, it can either ask the insurer to make a better offer or go to court. If necessary, compensation can only take place at the end of the trial. In the event of aggravation of bodily injury, the victim may make a further request to the insurer, within 10 years of said aggravation. The best legal help is right here.


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