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Personal Injuries And The Legal Solutions You Should Seek For Claims


If you are involved in a traffic accident it may result in personal injury. This can be physical injury such as whiplash, but also mental injury such as fear or financial damage because you are unable to work or have costs for certain aids, for example.

It is possible to recover this damage from the person who caused the accident. You do this by proving to the insurance company of the perpetrator that you are the victim of an accident caused by one of their insured parties. Using the Legal information about personal injury happens to be important here.

Size Negotiation

If liability is recognized, you will negotiate about the extent of the damage and thus the extent of the personal injury compensation. This process generally takes place in consultation and not in court. Roughly 5% of cases regarding personal injury occur in court. Choose a reputed law firm to settle the matter in this case.

Why An Advocate?

You can choose to go through this process yourself, but practice shows that this leads to a lot of frustration. You can see many people who first tried to obtain personal injury compensation themselves, but eventually end up with professionals because they get stuck in the process. Therefore, the use of the lawyers comes useful here.

Long Process

In such a case, victims sometimes correspond with the offender’s insurance company without success for more than a year, while the advocate gets a much faster response when he starts interfering with the situation. It is unfortunate that people are only now seek the legal assistance of an advocate such as a personal injury attorney.

Why A Personal Injury Lawyer?

So it may be to your advantage to engage an advocate if you want to hold the person responsible for an accident liable. Because it saves you hassle, sometimes making the difference between whether or not you pay compensation and it can also affect the amount you receive. But why would you choose a personal injury lawyer?

Costs Fall Under The Damage Suffered

Many people are afraid that they will then pay a part of their personal injury compensation directly to their lawyer. However, this is not the case. If you are awarded personal injury compensation, the costs you incur for advocacy also fall under the damage you have suffered. They are therefore included in determining the amount of the personal injury compensation.

Payment By The Insurer Of The Perpetrator

So all costs you incur for the personal injury attorneys are paid by the insurer of the perpetrator. This will not be deducted from the amount you receive, but will be added. That way, it does not matter financially to you that you choose a personal injury lawyer.

Completed Vocational Training

Not everyone can call themselves a personal injury lawyer from the best law firms. This title is only for persons who have completed vocational training, gained sufficient work experience and subsequently completed successful and postgraduate training.

Refresher Training

Even afterwards, a personal injury lawyer must continue to do further training so that you are assured of expert assistance. A personal injury lawyer is also bound by the rules of conduct of the Bar Association.

Go To Court

Another reason to choose a personal injury lawyer is the fact that you can go to court with a personal injury lawyer if necessary. If you go to court for damage claims in excess of 25,000 dollars, you may only be assisted by a (personal injury) lawyer and not by another representative and this is quickly the case in case of personal injury.


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