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Our Law Firm is aimed at those who wish to obtain compensation for road accident damage as soon as possible, both for damage to the vehicle and for personal injury involving biological damage, temporary or permanent, as well as any moral or existential damage .

Statistically it has been estimated that those who fall victim to a road accident, not being able to assess whether or not the compensation for road accident damages offered by the insurance ends up accepting compensation on average 45% lower than those the same insurance would have paid if a lawyer had intervened instead.

To prevent the Insurance from taking advantage of the damaged party, it is always advisable to contact an expert lawyer to obtain greater compensation than that obtainable with the “do it yourself” or through the road accident agencies.

The office offers assistance services in case of:

  • compensation for physical damage from road accident
  • compensation for biological damage from road accident
  • compensation for death following a road accident
  • damages for fatal accident
  • road accident services