Peter Fletcher
Peter Fletcher
Plays Baroque Music
for Guitar

J. S. Bach
  • Prelude No. 1
    from Well Tempered Clavier

George Frideric Handel

  • Sarabande and Variations

J. S. Bach
Cello Suite No. 3 BWV 1009
  • Prelude
  • Allemande
  • Courante
  • Sarabande
  • Bourree
  • Gigue

from Violin Partita II in D minor BWV 1004

Prelude and Allegro
from Prelude, Fugue and Allegro BWV 998

Esaias Reusner

  • Paduana
    from Suite No. 4

Silvius Leopold Weiss

  • Passacaille

Total playing time: 56:39